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Difficult job for judges of Wildlife Artist of the Year 2012

A record-breaking 1,120 images have been entered for the competion this year and it was a tough task for judges in whittling down to 127 artworks after the first round.   Those images covered a huge number of species. Enjoy the winning pictures on www.discoverwildlife.com.


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Look forward to the exciting summer holiday in New York

After a long time of raining season I really want to change the scenery! Fortunately we are planning to go to USA this summer holiday. I went there 10 years ago and had a good time. This time we’ll visit New York for a few days before embarking onto other places. There are many things to see and many places to visit: Time Square, Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Empire Building, Hudson River and lots of more. It would be the best place to introduce to children what America is all about!

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Roger Federer won!

It must be a very exciting and noisy match when all most whole audience was backing Andy Murry. I was so nervous and couldn’t watch the match at all. Every so often my daughter would tell me the score. I did want both of them win, but unfortunately there was only one winner. The determined genius of tennis highlightshas proved to the world again why he is one of the greatest of all the time. His tennis is an art and is pleasing to watch.

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‘At last I can have a good night sleep’ says my niece

Some parents here think children are studying very hard and  have no time for other things. They would be shocked if they know how most Chinese students study, especially those facing the National exams (equivalent to A-level). My niece just finished her exams and the first thing she came out of the exam site was ‘at last I can have a good night sleep.’

For the last two years her daily routine had been:

  • From Monday to Saturday, 5am get up, by 6 am get to school for early session of study, normally supervised by a teacher;
  • Lunch time between 12-1 pm or 1.30; 4.30 pm finish school, but have to stay at schoo study till 6, then dinner; 7pm – 9 or 10pm self study at school, supervised by a teacher.
  • 10 or 10.30 pm get home, snack then carry on doing homework. 11.30 pm go to bed. Continue reading